Copper Cliffs

Only available by boat, you will need to keep a captain at the helm as there is no place to tie or anchor and you may be carried along by the current.​

The sheer cliff face of Copper Cliffs are inspiring to cruise along. The wall with its splotches of blue copper minerals is also home to cliff dwelling Cormorants which will land and nest on the small ledges nature provides. Below the surface, the wall continues down another 25 meters before large boulders create a terrain for fish and crabs to play hide and seek in. Life has to literally suction itself to the wall which works for starfish and sea urchins. Around the rocks at the bottom you will find Burrowing Sea Cucumbers with their branch like arms fishing plankton from the passing currents. Bunches of Cloud Sponge are found at depth. The large boulders are great refuge for the brightly covered but shy Tiger Rockfish and the more friendly and bold Kelp Greenlings. If you ascend near the cut in the rock wall, at 10 meters there is an overhang which provides shelter for a concentration of invertebrate life especially the one meter tall Plumose Anemones.

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Location: 50.09809, -125.27105

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