Sea Life

Anemones and Cup Corals

From the Giant Plumose Anemone to the bright Crimson Anemone, these stalked animals with a ring of tentacles populate many of the current swept dives around the Campbell River area.

Crabs and Shrimp

There are many different crabs and shrimp in the cold Pacific NorthWest. From tiny little hermit crabs to the large colourful Puget Sound King Crab, they are found at all depths.


A small family of fishes with only 11 members worldwide and only a few found in local waters.


There are over 200 species of Nudibranchs (naked gills) or sea slugs in the Pacific Northwest.


Giant Pacific Octopus and Red Octopus are found in our local waters.


More than 40 species of sculpins live in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Wolf Eels

One of the larger fish found in the local waters.