Dive Sites

​April Point

Another advance dive for those comfortable with current dives as the slack between current can be short so expect a ride along the bottom.

​Argonaut Wharf

Close to downtown Campbell River. Popular night dive location.

Copper Cliffs

Only available by boat, you will need to keep a captain at the helm as there is no place to tie or anchor and you may be carried along by the current.​

​Grouse Island

Only accessible by boat, divers will see Ling cod guarding their favourite perch and along on wall overhang, a pair of Wolf eels can be found.

​May Island Wreck

Although called a wreck dive, in fact the retired double ender vessel was a BC Ferry at one time long ago and purposely sunk for divers to enjoy.

​Row and Be Damned

Best known for the masses of Strawberry Anemones, Row and Be Damned is another popular current dive site across from Campbell River.

​Row and Be Damned Reef

This is a perfect environment to find Giant Pacific Octopus and Puget Sound King Crabs along with a number of other crab species.

​Seymour Narrows - Maud Island

Seymour Narrows can experience tidal currents up to 15 knots so you must have experience diving in currents and recognize when its time to surface.

​Steep Island

The site on the outside north end of the island drops down to over 40 meters just a few meters off the rugged shore.

​The Columbia (Artificial Reef)

Although much of the wreck sits below 20 meters deep, the marine life is still finding the hull a comfortable home.

​Whiskey Point - End of the Road

Due to the strong currents, life is abundant and the dive needs to be done during a slack in the currents.

​Whiskey Point - The Rock

One of the more popular boat dive sites along the Quadra Island shoreline.