Scuba Diving in Campbell River

Located on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, the city of Campbell River stretches along the fast moving waters of Discovery Passage. The ever shifting currents that flow in and out from the Pacific Ocean are rich with marine life that thrives in the cold, oxygen rich waters.

Scuba diving is a popular pastime in the waters near Campbell River. Divers come from around the world to explore the vast ocean realm that offers an immense assortment of amazing marine life.

The fast moving waters caused by large tidal exchanges give life to a massive amount of colourful invertebrate life that blanket the shoreline below the surface. The cold water and high oxygen levels cause all life to be large. From the Giant Pacific Octopus the the stately Red Irish Lord, life underwater is of grandiose scale.

From the tiniest and colourful nudibranchs crawling across beds of soft corals and feeding on sponges to the bull kelp forests of plants that can stretch to 65 feet long and provide an environment for hundreds of creatures, our ocean access is phenomenal.

Many of our popular dive sites are just a few minutes away from the marinas in the downtown area. In a matter of minutes we can be diving in a world that seems so far away but yet is so close below the surface.
Join us in exploring the world below the waves from the shoreline of Vancouver Island and the adjacent Islands that spread out from Discovery Passage.